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                                       Composition of ENOLZYME Complex Enzyme

Phytase can degrade phytate into inosito and inorganic phosphoric acid. Phytase can specially hydrolyze phosphide ester linkage and cleft the phosphate domains one by one from phytate, releasing the unavailable phosphorus into inosito and inorganic phosphoric acid.
Xylanase is composed of endo-β-1, 4-D-Xylanase, exo-β-1, 4-D-Xylanase, beta-D-Xylanase, α-L-Arabinosidase, xylo-disaccharide glycosidase and so on. It can degrade the linear polysaccharide into xylooligosaccharides by destroying the hydrogen bond and covalence between xylanase moleculars.
Cellulase isa group of enzymes which includes cellulose 1, 4-β-cellobiosidase (EC3.2.1.91, C1-cellulase), endo-1, 4-β-D-glucanase (EC3.2.1.4, CX-cellulase) and β-Glycosidase (EC3.2.1.21, BG-cellulase). Under synergy with Hemicellulase and Pectinase, it destroys the cell wall to release the nutritional substance inside cells. Then the nutritional substance is catalyzed by animal endo-digestional enzymes to promote the utilization of cellulose, protease, starch and other nutritional melucular.
Beta-Glucanase is the major component of plant cell wall. With substrate specificity, Beta-Glucanase can degrade the Beta-Glucan and release the nutrients. Its contens in barley, flour, wheat middling and bran are 5.8%、3.1%、10.0%、8.4% respectively.
Beta-Mannase is a kind of endo-hydrolase enzymes. It can hydrolyze Bio-Mos with beta-1,4- mannoside bond and endo-hydrolytic enzymes including mannocarolose as mannan, galactomannan and glucomnannan.
Pectinase is a class of enzymes which mainly include protopectinase, pectin methylesterase(PME) and polygalacturonase(PG). Pectin connects cell wall semicellulose by covalent bond and other cell wall polysaccharide by secondary bond.
Characteristics of ENOLZYME Complex Enzyme
The target gene, natural resourse and specificity
Advanced fermentation technology and facilities, high enzyme activity
The unique efficient stabilizing technology


Packing: 25Kg/Bag.
Storage: Stored in a dry, airy and shady condition, avoid damp and long-term storage.
Keep the package air-tightened after unsealing
Shelf life: 12 months under proper storage condition.
 Accurately Formula and Precisely Use!


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