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ENOLZYME Acid Protease is acid stable protease produced by submerged fermentation. It can break down proteins quickly in the acidic condition which make it an ideal enzyme for supplement the deficiency of endogenous digestive enzyme and promote animal production performance.


Definition of ENOLZYME Acid Protease Unit (U/g):

One Acid Protease unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes casein to get 1 µg of reducing amino acid (in tyrosine) per minute, at 40 ºC and pH3.0 under the condition of test.


Why use ENOLZYME Acid Protease:

Soybean meal is now widely used as the primary source of crude protein in poultry and swine diets due to its higher content of essential amino acids such as lysine. Although the crude protein in soybean meal ranges between 44%-48%, not all the protein is digestible by the digestive systems of poultry and swine due to poor digestibility and physiological characteristics as follows:

a. Under stress condition, the secretion of digestive enzymes in animals in inhibited which negatively influences the utilization of nutrients

b. Low retention time of feed in digestive tract leads to low utilization of nutrients

c. Low moisture content in tract leads to increase in viscosity of digest in tract

d. Low/ no secretion of essential enzymes like protease in case of immature animals lead to poor digestibility of high nutrient diets.

Studies show that broilers and swine excrete nitrogen at 22% and 40% respectively of their body weights per annum which make it necessary to supplement of ENOLZYME Acid Protease.



1.Supply the deficiency of the endogenous protease of young animal

2.Hydrolyze peptide bond, make essential amino acid more bio-available, reduce the usage of vegetable crude protein in animal feed

3.Allow replacing animal protein source with vegetable protein source thereby reducing feed cost


Biological Data:




Activity: 50 000U/g

Appearance: Brown powder

Particle Size: 80-120 Meshes

Odor: Slight Fermentation Odor


Recommended Dosage: 10-20g/MT (ENOLZYME Acid Protease 50 000U/g)

Package: 25Kgs/ Bag or Drum or packaging according to customer’s need

Storage: Store in the dry, ventilation and shaded place,avoid high temperature and humidity

Shelf Life: 12 months at ordinary temperature.


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