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ENOLZYME Cellulase is a multi-enzyme complex of fungal origin. Its main components are endocellulase, exocellulase, and cellobiase. It can cut the fiber elements within the arbitrarily beta-1, 4-glycosidic bond, resulting in with non-reducing end of cellulose molecules. ENOLZYMECellulase can break down plant cell wall, release the nutrition inside. It can also supply endogenous enzyme deficiencies, stimulate the secretion of endogenous enzymes and effectively promote animal production performance.

Definition of ENOLZYME Cellulase Unit (U/g):

One Cellulase unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes CMC-Na to get 1µmol reducing sugar (glucose) per minute, at 50 ºC and pH 4.8 under the conditions of the test.

The Anti-nutritional Effects of Cellulose:

High cellulose content can not only capsule nutrients, interfere the sufficient contact with digestive enzyme, but also increase endogenous nutrient loss, decrease nutrient utilization rate. Cellulose can chelate with metal ions such as calcium, copper, iron, zinc into insoluble salt, which can affect the absorption and utilization of minerals.


1.ENOLZYME Cellulase is a combinative compound enzyme and mainly consists three enzymes- endocellulase, exocellulase and cellobiase which catalyze the hydrolysis as following respectively:
2.Endocellulase break down the non-covalent interactions present in the crystalline structure of cellulose;
3.Exocellulase catalytic hydrolysis of individual cellulose fibers into smaller fiber;
4.Cellobiase catalytic hydrolysis of disaccharides and tetrasaccharides into glucose.


1.Degrade cellulose, release the nutrients containing in feedstuff;
2.Decrease viscosity of intestinal content, increase flowing velocity of chyme, thus increase the feed intake and promote animal production performance;
3.Increase the activity of endogenous digestive enzymes, thus enhance digestibility of animal;
4.Improve of the microbiological balance in the intestine; promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. 

Biological Data:





Activity: 20 000U/g
Appearance: Brown Powder
Particle Size: 80-120 Meshes
Odor: Slight Fermentation Odor
Recommended Dosage: 20-50g/T (ENOLZYME Cellulase 20 000U/g)
Packaging: 25Kgs/ Bag or Drum or packaging according to customer needs.
Storage: Store in the dry, ventilation and shaded place, avoid high temperature and humidity
Shelf Life: 12 months at ordinary temperature
Service: Our service team supplies our esteemed customer as following services:
fucntion and component analysis, feed formula adjustment and so on.


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