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EN GROUP attended VIV China 2014 and sponsored "The Second International Pig Nutrition and Feeding Management Peak BBS" and held a theme party of "We Together, Happy Start"
TIME : 2014-10-13 15:28:20
    On September 21-22, 2014, EN GROUP/EN Biol-tech Co., LTD., sponsored and assisted "The Second International Pig Nutrition and Feeding Management Peak BBS" and the second awards ceremony of "Pancosma" Good Pig Feed in China. This BBS held by the China Feed Industry Information Network, and jointly organized by Pancosma, Beijing Feedig Feed Sci & Tec Co., LTD., Shandong Longchang Animal Health Company and some other enterprises. Academicians of China academy of engineering, the Chinese and foreign experts and professors, the management and technology general managers of quality control of feed and breeding enterprises, totally more than five hundred people gathered in Beijing Zhongjia Palace Hot Spring Hotel, discussed and shared the current pig nutrition and feeding point and some hot issue. This BBS has achieved great success!
    In the evening of September 21, the second awards ceremony of "Pancosma" Good Pig Feed in China sponsored by EN GROUP went ahead as planned and awarded "Top Ten Most Influential Animal Nutritionists, Ten Most Innovative Animal Nutritionists and Top 30 Feed Technology Innovation Brand of China", cheered for animal husbandry!
    VIV China 2014 officially opened on September 23, EN GROUP attended the exhibition and the special decoration fully show the image and strength. The exhibition attracted many enterprises and experts from all over the world visit and negotiate,EN GROUP/EN Biol-tech Co., LTD. held the "We Together, Happy Start" theme dinner reception on September 23rd night at 18:00. The chairman of EN GROUP Ms.Xiang WenSheng, the secretary of Beijing Feed Industry Association secretary Ms.Huang and the general manager of EN Biol-tech Co., LTD. Mr.Xu Junbao and some other professionals attended the banquet,Jinan Feed Industry Association and the Southeast Asian clients of EN GROUP were also invited to share the night of EN GROUP!
    The Peak BBS began with the legend life of Mr.Li Defa who is the academician of China Academy of Engineering,also the dean China Agricultural University--College of Animal Science and Technology! Insistence and focus, let Mr.Li become an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering from a rural children step by step, his life has great inspiration and motivation to animal husbandry industry . Then the special adviser of Pancosma --Dr.Mike Varley did the theme report of "How to Improve Palatability of the Feed for Piglets Through the New Processing Technology". The special expert of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Company--professor Jowaman Khajarern from Thailand did the report that”The Effect of Endogenous Emulsifier on the Growth Performance of Piglets". Chengdu DadHank Company Dr.Lv Jirong shared the report of”The Effect of Acquisition Regulation Technology on the Performance of the Sows". Dr. David Casey of PIC Swine Improvement International Group did the report "How to Reference and Apply the European and American Advanced Technology and Experience to Improve the Current Situation of Pig Breeding".  Beijing Feedig Feed Sci & Tec Co., LTD. founder and chairman Liu Chunhai made the report that “The Plant Essential Oil and Emulsified Piglet Immune Nutrition”. The technical director of Guangzhou United Bio-tech Co., LTD. Dr.Sun Lihua made the report of “The Design and Application of Precision Fatty Acid Balance Nutrition of Feed for Sows and Piglets". The chairman of Kingcard (Guangzhou) Bio-technology Co., LTD., Mr Yuan Zhongchang did the report “The Selection and Quality Control Key Point of the piglets feed raw material”. The report content still brilliant on September 22, academician of China Academy of Engineering Mr.Yin Yulong did the report of “The Integration of Sows and Piglets”. Shanghai AI LV Dr.Yao Langqun did the “Give Green Life Back to Piglets - New Security Solutions for Tank Material”. Professor Zhai Yonggong made keynote speech”The Application and Quality Control of Montmorillonite in Animal Husbandry", then professor Wu De did “The Study and Application of Sows Nutrition System Technology”.Pig farm management senior consultant from Netherlands Michael Aksermann made “The Challenge PSY30-- The Management of Sows, Breeding,Pregnancy and Childbirth”. Founder and CEO of Boostie Qi Zhenqiang made a report that "Using Innovative Biotechnology to Promote Healthy Animal Husbandry". Founder and chairman of AnYou Group Mr.Hong Ping made “The Reasons and Countermeasures of Sows No Milk” seminar. After the lectures, discussed "the feasible technical measures to improve performance of sows and the regulation of piglets nutrition and health impact factor“, experts and audiences interacted actively, the wonderful points have got many applause, the BBS was always constant climax.                       
    Appreciation dinner of EN GROUP and the second awards ceremony of "Pancosma" Good Pig Feed in China totally awarded about 20 Animal Nutritionists and 30 Feed Technology Innovation Brand across the country, the 10 most influential animal nutritionists are: Wang Yongfei, Lin Dengfeng, Li Yong, Tan Jiajian,He Jian, Wen Qingqi, Zhao Xinhong, Han Jifu, Mu YuYun, Xu Zongyun. The ten most innovative animal nutritionists: Liu Chunxue, Yue Longyao, He Ruye, Shang Xiuguo, Yi Xuewu, Wu Xingli, Lu Liang, Gong Yanling, Luo Congyan and Li Min. Feed technology innovation brand national top 30: New Hope Liuhe Co., LTD., Beijing Jiuzhoudadi Bio- tech Co., LTD., Twins (Group) Co., LTD., Kingcard (Guangzhou) Bio-technology Co., LTD., Da Bei Nong(DBN) Group, Boencorp Group, Liaoning Wellhope Animal Husbandry Co., LTD., Shenzhen Alpha Animal Husbandry Co., LTD., AoNong Group, Beijing Heliomy Bio-tech Co., LTD., Guangxi Yang Xiang Co., LTD., Guangdong Newland Feed Science &Technology Co., LTD., Sichuan TIE QI LI SHI Industrial Co., LTD., ZUSF Vital Organism China, Jiangxi Zheng Bang Science and Technology Co., LTD.,Jiangxi For Farmer Bio-tech Co., LTD., Guangdong Haid Group Co., LTD., Guangzhou Kuai Da Feed Co., LTD., Yunnan Shennong Group, Beijing Si Fang Hong Feed Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Jin Xin Nong Feed Co., LTD., Wuhan Tianlong Co., LTD., Shenzhen Billy Inve Nutrition Feed Co., LTD., Tianjin Tianjiao Modern Agricultural Science & Technology (China) Co., LTD., Conti Feed(China) Group, Hunan Xin Fa ZhanAgriculture and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Co., LTD., Fujian New Zhengyang Feed Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai AoDeng Feed Technology Co., LTD., Sichuan Giastar Group Co., LTD., Shanxi Pucheng Xingsheng Feed Co., LTD.
    EN GROUP held the "We Together, Happy Start" theme dinner reception on September 23rd evening,about 60 people of feed enterprises at home and abroad and Jinan Feed Industry Association were invited to attend this party to communicate and discuss, the party was creatively and attentively, and also invited a band for entertainment, tasting wine, listening to music, interactive games, etc., allpeople enjoy food and wine in the night of EN GROUP, the party was ending in a beautiful piece of jazz.


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