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EN GROUP was established by Zhejiang Wenzhou Venture Fund with the technology from Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Peking University and Jiangnan University. As a high-tech enterprise of enzymes, EN GROUP integrates research & development, production, technical services and trade at home and abroad. Our company gathers a group of experienced experts to work on science and technology research and development and provide technology service.

 Branches of EN GROUP

EN Bio-tech Limited Company

Jiangsu Yinong Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.

Shuyang Yinong Trade Co., Ltd.

EN Bio-tech Limited Company/ EN GROUP
ADD: F.1, West Building of IAPPST,CAAS,No.2, Yuanmingyuan West Rd, Haidian District, Beijing 100193, China
TEL:+86 10 6289 0139 Fax:+86 10 6283 3152 E-mail:engroup2009@126.com
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